Teacher: Quick Start Guide
  • 22 Dec 2023
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Teacher: Quick Start Guide

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Welcome to Brain Hive.

This guide is meant to help teachers plan and organize everything they need to get set up and ready use the platform with their students.

As a teacher your school admin should have provided you:

The below steps are only necessary if your school plans on using ‘ Named Users’ as opposed to ‘ Generic Student Users’ or you want to assign books to students via Classes/Groups.

  1. Gather your student list

  2. Create separate csv (comma delimited) files for each class

  3. Students (First,last,login id,password)  NO Header Row

  4. Create Classes & Groups (Optional) KB: Teacher Create Class/Groups

  5. Import Students in Classes KB:Import Students in Class

  6. Search for Books KB: Teacher - Simple Bookroom Search

  7. Assign books to a Class - KB: Teacher Assign Books


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Create Classes and Groups

Teachers can have have as many  Classes as they want.

Students can belong to multiple  Classes.

Classes can be sub divided into  Groups.

Students can belong to 0 or more  Groups.

It is recommend that you create your  Classes and  Groups before your start importing, adding and assigning students to them.

Here the recommended order.

  1. Create Classes

  2. Create Groups for this Classes (Optional)

  3. Add or Import Students to Classes

  4. Assign Students to Groups (Optional)

 Add Classes:

1.   Click the ' Students' tab

2.   Click the ' Add Class' button

3.   Enter the name of the class and click Save. 

If you already have the import file ready, you can import from here.

If not, you can import the students later.



Edit the Class Name:

Show the list of classes, then click the class now or 'Edit' button to the right and a edit window will come up. Just change the name.

Add Groups

*** You need to already have created a class ***

1.  Click the ' Students' tabs

2.  Click the ' Add Group' button

3.  Select the ' Class' and enter the group name

How a  Teacher can add a  single student into a class.

There are 2 two types of ways to add a student.


  1. Students who is Already in School.

  2. Brand New Student.

It is 'Best Practice' to create all your Classes and Groups before you start to add students.  

Students already in the school where either imported by the administrator, or another teacher added them to their class.

  Student is Already in School

1.   Click the ' Students' Tab

2.   Click ' Add Student' button (Upper Right)

3.   Search to see if student is already in the school by typing in either:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Login ID

4.   Click Search (Magnifying Glass Icon)


5.    Click the ' +' beside the student you want to add

You MUST add the student to one of your classes.


6.    Click the 'ADD' button to add the student to one of your class





Brand New Student

If after Step 4 above, you searched for the student and they are not already in the school, you will need to add them.

Click ' Would you like to add one?' button.

Enter all of the required information.

Required Fields are:

  • Class

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Login ID (Does NOT have to be a email address, but must be unique to school)

  • Password

Enter the information and click 'Save'

Video Walk through of Both:

Assign a student to a group

Groups are a sub-divider of classes. Therefore groups belong to a class.

Best Practice is to:

  1. Create Classes

  2. Assign students to Classes

  3. Create Groups

  4. Assign students to groups

Here is how you assign a student to a group.

1.  Click the 'Students' Tab

2.  Search for the student, they should already be a member of one of your classes.

3.   Click the student open the student detail

4.  Expand the classes to see groups, then Click 'ADD' to add the student to the group.


Video Overview

How a Teacher can import students into a class.

  • Prepare the CSV to Import

Column Order:

First Name, Last Name,LoginID , (does NOT need to be in email format but must be UNIQUE to school) , Password,Email (optional if different from LoginID)





1.   Click the 'Students' tab

2.  Click 'Class Search' if the class already exists

3.   Click the 'Upload CSV' File Button

4.   Select the csv file to import


5.   Verify the csv file was uploaded


6.   Click 'Begin Inport' button


Video Overview:

Assign books and Graphic Organizers to Classes or Groups

  1. Search for a book in in your bookroom or favorites

  2. You can open the 'Book Detail' Screen by clicking the 'Title' and then clicking the 'Assign' button at the bottom OR clicking the 'Assign Button' to the far right after you hover over the title row.

Book Detail Screen

Assign Screen

  1. For each class or Group, put a check beside each graphic organizer you want to assign and the check assign and click 'Save'

  2. Students assigned to the Class or Group will see the titles in their 'Bookbag'

Teacher Favorite Books List

Allows teachers teacher save lists of books that they found most useful so they can quickly assign them later.

Here is a quick video on the topic.

Teacher: Simple Bookroom Search

Click 'Bookroom'

You can enter:

  • (Title or ISBN)

  • (ATOS - Accelerated Reader, GRL - fountas and pinnell or Lex)

  • (Fiction or Non-Fiction)

Click Search (Small Magnifying glass icon)

This will allow you to search for the all of the 'Print' and 'Digital' books you have cataloged in the Brain Hive.

Here is a video of the simple search:

How to find your school specific Student viewer URL:

Some of the official school names are very common or are very long so we created a way you can link directly to your school for students.

The URL will look like:


Here is how to find the URL for your school :

  1. Login as a Teacher

  2. Either click or right click the icon next to your school name.

    • Clicking, will take you to the school specific URL

    • Right Clicking, on chrome, will allow you to copy the link address.

  3. You then can share that URL or put on your school website.

Admin and Teacher Login

These are the URLs where you can login to the Brain Hive platform for and 'Admin' or 'Teacher'.

Bookmark or create a desktop short to either of these URLs:



or goto

  1. http://brainhive.wpengine.com

  2. Click 'Login'

  3. Click 'Admin'

TAGS Overview

TAGS are just meta data about a book.

Can be almost anything

  • Subject

  • Language

  • Topic

  • Keywords

We have the following TAG Types

  • National

  • State

  • District

  • School

This give us and you great flexibility how you want to search for books.

Whatever makes sense to your District and School, you can create custom tags and search for the books.

Here is a video overview of TAGS.

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